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Developing social responsibility globally through solution-focused leadership



To build a playful community that creates a world consciousness tipping point


The World Game is a movement to create a world consciousness tipping point. Everyone is invited to play! The conferences around the world are intended to spark passion for helping others, while sharing inspiration, hope and positivity. Started by solution-focused coaches, The World Game has the power to become much bigger! If everybody plays, Humanity wins.

By hosting value-oriented, positive, fun "games" this global phenomenon can inspire us to choose positivity and happiness in the development and improvement of ourselves and our planet.

Visionary, solution-focus coaching warms the hearts and minds of people in such a way that they "get cracking" and emerge strongly into their own leadership vision.

The Rome World Game Conference brings the global vision of The World Game focusing on a new concept of sustainable leadership.


  • Discuss a new sustainable leadership with international leaders and experts
  • Explore complexity for new and spontaneous auto-organization solutions 
  • Experience unicity and unity
  • Listen to the stories of the best social coaching projects already realized or in progress
  • Discover the World Game Clock – what it is, how it works and how to register
  • Play together the change game
  • Build a wider strategic and positive network
  • Learn, have fun

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