The World Game is about producing inside-out, 'new life,' visionary growth potential in our individual and cultural lives. Through the World GamE we come to discover that we are all one WE. The vision WE hold is of oneness and unity regardless of age, gender, race, religion, boundaries, political system, history or occupation. The World Game is the Game played by all in making the world a better place. WE empower, encourage and engage individuals and organizations that want to make a difference with their vision. WE support them globally to reach “The Tipping Point of Consciousness” of our planet.

As One Team, we foster heartfelt projects that leverage social engagement. We are not political nor do we carry a banner for any cultural wars. As agents of global unity and change, we believe that we have greatness, as we are professional, positive and relaxed in our global presence and approach. 

We listen warmly and welcome compelling questions from those around us who would find the inner logic of the world game. Everyone is looking for a path to begin, but many do not know how or where to start. We are offering a platform to assist people begin, explore how, and to develop a true inner purpose by choosing happiness as the source. 

Like many have said in the past, the 21st Century is the hallowed hour of humanity. We either rise past our old fears or shed the skin of repression, private focus, denial, and start whereever we can, or we become bystanders of a global tragedy. These are the times that require maximum leadership at the most individual level of personal engagement. We believe "The World Game" is here for this purpose - to connect back our Happy Oneness. You have the power to choose happiness.

how it started

In June 2010, while travelling between four countries: first Korea, then Canada, France, and Serbia; the Football World Cup was happening on daily TV from Soweto, South Africa. Moving from country to country, I watched people gathering around televisions in restaurants and stores, and celebrating through the streets. I saw rapt faces everywhere, cheering and booing, fully engaged with the various matches of National Football. What a compelling vision the teamwork provided for each country, even to the small children excitedly practicing football and soccer in the parks.

Later in the summer, I was speaking to my colleague, Dr. Charles Pellerin, who powerfully developed the NASA system of team development based on his own personal story of the Hubble Telescope Rescue. I brought up my favourite conversation about developing multiple kinds of compelling, exciting, viable World Games for human development, games with the magnetic power of a Football World Cup. "Well, I want that, too," he said.

I said, "We really need games to focus the whole planet on the important life concerns we humans now share! We need to incite people to engage and to create their own human development system.
We need true leadership games which are clear and compelling so people naturally want to get engaged." I added, "Where the rules make sense, and with steps that are doable. Then you have a great game!"..."Let's brainstorm," he suggested, and we made a pact to continue this conversation. Now, I invite you to join in!

signatureFounder - The World Game

Our Projects focus on:

Leadership and Education - Productivity and Efficiency - Business and Profitability - Achievement and Legacy – Health and Wellbeing – Empowerment



YEAR 2010

The World Game Movement starts as an idea and now is expanding exponentially year by year

YEAR 2012

The first World Game conference takes place in London in October 2012

YEAR 2014

Two years later the second conference is held in Istanbul in April 2014

YEAR 2015

Throughout the year 12 different conferences are held around the globe, each reflecting the vision and the concept of the organizer.

YEAR 2016

Come to join us in the World conference in Bali - April 2016



The team

A dedicated and committed global team promoting and sharing the love of Oneness: ONE bounded team of coaching leaders from around the globe, working together as regional World Game Ambassadors - our representatives in many countries:

 Canada  USA  England
 Germany  Poland  Turkey
italband  Italy repcecublic Czech Rep portugalband Portugal
 Bulgaria  India  Russia
 Ukraine  Norway Cyprus
 Kazakhstan  Saudi Arabia  Brazil
China  Indonesia estonban.ipg Estonia


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