The World Game has already presented 14 conferences in the world, each one  with its own story and unicity. The World Game Italy Conference  focuses on: a new concept of sustainable leadership.  Our Speakers are preeminent figures who have been involved for years in the development of consiousness through research, business, creativity, spirituality. 

marilyn atkinson

Marilyn Atkinson – The World Game and Erickson College International

PhD Master Executive Coach, founder of Erickson Coaching International and originator of the Solution-Focused and Outcome-Oriented Coaching model, actively contributed to the emergence and expansion of Solution-Focused Psychology, NLP, and the development of Meta Program Analysis for effective hiring and managerial approaches worldwide.
She was a dedicated student of Milton Erickson for years, she also had the privilege to work directly with Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt psychology. For the past ten years she has been developing both corporate and specialized coach training programs ICF-ACTP that have been taught in 40 countries. Since the 1990' she has been helping leading global companies and leaders through Solution- Focused  Coaching methodologies. Marilyn has co-authored three books in The Art & Science of Coaching Trilogy (Inner Dynamics of Coaching, Step-by-Step Coaching & The Flow of Coaching). 

“The World Game – How to create a world consciousness tipping point"

valerio eletti





Valerio Eletti – Complexity Education Project

Scientific director of the Complexity Education Project and editorial coordinator of the Festival of Complexity and "Complexity Notebooks" for Guaraldi Publishing.
Since the late nineties presents lectures, conferences and seminars in various universities and schools of higher education on topics related to networks and complex systems, as well as simulations and big data.
Among the most recent publications, the set of ten entries related to networks and complexity for the Italian Encyclopedia Treccani and the book "Complessità, cambiamento, comunicazione. Dal social network al Web 3.0"(Complexity, change, communication. From social networks to Web 3.0); he co-edited "Decisioni e scelte in contesti complessi" (Decisions and choices in complex scenarios) and is the author of the monthly column "Scenari complessi" (complex scenarios) for AgendaDigitale.Eu.

“The power of social networks and self organization”






Francesco Morace – Future Concept Lab

Sociologist and writer, Francesco Morace has been working for over thirty years in the sociological and market research field and is the president of Future Concept.

Strategic consultant for companies and institutions on an international level he has since 1981 held conferences, courses and seminars in 20 countries worldwide. Professor of Social Innovation at Politecnico di Milano and Culture & Lifestyle at the Faculty of Sociology, Università di Trento. He is the author of over 20 books including the recent: “Italian Factor. Come moltiplicare il valore di un Paese” (2014, paperback/Italian) and “Crescita Felice. Percorsi di futuro civile” (2015, paperback/Italian) both published by Egea, of which the themes are discussed within “Il Consum-autore” each Sunday on the Radio24 show “Essere e Avere” hosted by Marialuisa Pezzali. He is also a regular columnist on the subject of trends for Adv, Dove, Interni, Mark Up, Millionaire, You, Style and other specialised international magazines and journals.

“Rsponsible hope and paths of civil future"






Sadhana Singh The Wadzell Institue for Leadership

Kundalini Yoga Lead Trainer committed to the development of new teaching and training internationally and the author of several books.
Created "Cristalizing the Diamond®", "Kundalini Yoga Counseling" ® and "L & MKYT®: Leadership and Management Training Kundalini Yoga," a course for people who lead companies and executives. He dedicates much of his time to consulting for public and private companies. For the past seven years, he has been teaching Kundalini Yoga in public and private universities in Italy, as part of a master's degree in "leadership and success." Co-founder of the Institute for leadership Waldzell

“Leadership between unicity and unity”

 dr. paola fiore photo

Dr. Paola Fiore - ETICAMBIENTE® and The Climate Reality Project

Consultant, Communicator, Trainer, Coach and the Founder of ETICAMBIENTE® Sustainability Management & Communications Consulting, a boutique consulting and coaching firm with over 15 years of experience in creating and promoting Sustainability and CSR projects that help companies and consumersmake more responsible and sustainable choices about production and consumption.
Paola is an active volunteer member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps - a Special Corps of Global Leaders - part of The Climate Reality Project - the Non-profit Organization of the Nobel Prize for Peace and US former Vice President Al Gore.

Conversation with the audience "Between Earth and Heaven"


ghese gedun tharkin

Lama Ghese Gedun Tarchin

Ven. Geshe Gedun Tharchin was born into an exile Tibetan family and received basic education in Tashi Ling Tibetan School in Nepal. In 1996, he joined monastery and gradually received novice ordination and eventually full ordination in 1993. He received transmissions of both sutrayana and mantrayana from many masters during his intensive study in Gaden and Gyudmed for 18 years.
He is specialized in five treatises of Buddhism; Prajnaparamita, Madyamika, Abhidharma, Pramana and Vinaya. He obtains the qualification of Karam, Lopon and Lharam degrees from Gelukpa University. His Lharam dissertation “Gateway to Abhdharma” (in Tibetan) was published in India in 2007.

Conversation with the audience "Between Earth and Heaven"

The Presidents of the four major Associations of professional coaches, for the first time together to discuss: "How to create a common vision for positive development"

claudia crescenzi

  ICF Italia
(International Coach Federation)
  Claudia Crescenzi - President





alessandro lorusso

  AICP Italy
  (Associazione Italiana Coach Professionisti)
  Alessandro Lo Russo - President




carlotta rizzo 150x150

  SCP Italy
  (Society for Coaching Psychology)
  Carlotta Rizzo - President




isabelle alpi

  EMCC Italia
  (European Mentoring and Coaching Council)
  Isabelle Alpi – President





g caramellino

Gabriele Caramellino 

Born in Rome, in 1980, he is a writer and freelance. He is the editor of the book "Italo Globali. Viaggio nell'Italia che vive al ritmo del mondo". (Italo-globals. Stories of Italians living to the rhythm of the world) (Lupetti publisher, Bologna 2014). He collaborates with Nòva - Il Sole 24 Ore since 2008, where he is the author of the blog Looking for ideas on Nova100. He has had experience in the audiovisual and journalism. He was trained in Rome, Milan and London. Curator of interviews inside the World Game Italy Rome- 2015.


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