The WG Clock


The WG Clock is a platform to measure commitment and personal results in the World Game. It measures the number of people who have carried out projects, visited local events of the World Game, read a book on the subject and provides an overview of personal mission.

The WG Clock measures results and achievements along the path of a larger project in the medium / long term, allowing you to monitor your progress.
When you register on the WG Clock you share your commitment with a community of players focused on positive solutions in a specific area. You connect with people and organizations, worldwide, that want to make a contribution and sustain a pervasive wellbeing.
Every time a new player register, the clock moves forward. Every time a chosen task is carried out, or a goal reached, the second clock moves forward. The process is based on self-assessment and sharing.

In any moment you can look at the social impact your personal projects are creating, towards  a positive and constant evolution.
WE together can realize the positive change we want to see in the world.

The World Game Clock will be online soon.


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