Bali 2016

You are invited to join us in Bali where your coaching will have a global impact. Two days Think Tank - Conference with Speakers from around the World. Five Workshops and a great Balinese Experience

As the world becomes increasingly interdependent and fragile, the future at once holds great peril and great promise. To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of lifestyles, cultures, dreams, aims, we are a single humanity. We must thrive on our interdependence and choose to join together and change the world for the better. Coming together as a global community that finds way to change the world for the better is what we call ‘The World Game’, and we invite you to play it with us.

We are hosting ‘The World Game’ conference on the incredible island of Bali and we would love you to join us. You'll have the opportunity to work with the most experienced and accomplished coaches from around the world, who will enable you to take the impact of your coaching to a global level. 

Our challenge is great and the time is late, come to Bali and let’s play ‘The World Game’.…. Marilyn Atkinson


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